Prepare For The End…A New Haunted Attraction Debuts In Southwest Virginia

Hello gang and welcome back. “Real” News Nate here, with a opening statement made to shock and terrify…The end is near! Well, it is, if you live near Wytheville Virginia during the Fall season, at least. By “The End”, I refer to the Apocalyptic end times horror setting brought to us by Helheim, a new haunt attraction set to open up this Fall. Like, now actually. So what are you waiting for? Go! Get on out the door and get the sh!t scared outta you. Well. If you’re still here then I guess you may wanna read a bit of what I’ve written about said haunted attraction… Continue reading “Prepare For The End…A New Haunted Attraction Debuts In Southwest Virginia”

If You Don’t Know Who “Salem Tusk” Is, It’s Time To Be Schooled

Hello friends, it is I, “Real” News Nate, interrupting my usual same ol’ same ol’ banter with breaking news! So… I got a question… Do you guys like action? Adventure? Super heroes? Of course you do! You most likely would not read my content if you weren’t just a little nerdy. I assure you, you will wanna stick around for this inside news about an up coming show that will be sure to please all of us comic lovers. The show I’m speaking of is called “The Steam Punk Adventures of Salem Tusk”, created by one of the most talented comic artists I have had the pleasure of adding into my army of Facebook friends, Mr. Tom Rasch. So lets sit back, kick off the shoes, and dive into my sneak peek of this awesome project, currently in development as we speak… Continue reading “If You Don’t Know Who “Salem Tusk” Is, It’s Time To Be Schooled”

Music In The Mountains, Part 3: Chilling On The Mountain

Well gang, I figure its about time I finally gave you part 3 of my “musical adventure saga” called Music in the Mountains. I’ve been slacking alot lately. Now before you go riding my case and jumping all over my slackiness, you must first realize that it’s not quite my fault…My terrible internet was down for 2 weeks…yes, it took the “internet company” TWO WEEKS to schedule an appointment, and plus my laptop had gone berserk.

Well I’m back, baby. Now, its time to roll up the mountain in Minden, West Virginia, to hang with some hippies and chill under the cool night sky at ACE Adventure Resort as we enjoy smooth grooves and pure moods in the final entry to my series, music in the mountains. Chilling on the Mountain. Continue reading “Music In The Mountains, Part 3: Chilling On The Mountain”

Music in the Mountains Part 2 : Brews and Bands

Well hello there and welcome back to the ongoing, epic three part series, Music in the Mountains…Last week I gave you guys an idea of just how metal the local music here can be. Just to recap, It was Rock Retreat, 2018. Heavy metal, small Southwest VA community, good times.

Today we switch gears a bit to talk about a more “area inclusive” event held in Wytheville, Virginia at cozy Withers Park. I say area inclusive only because heavier music tends to draw its own crowd. An event like “Brews and Bands”, a part of Wytheville’s yearly Chautauqua event schedule,( if you don’t know what Chautauqua means, look it up. I had to back in the day. I’m not ashamed ) tends to draw a very diverse crowd. Good music, good people and of course good brews! Time for part 2 of Music in the Mountains. Brews and Bands… Continue reading “Music in the Mountains Part 2 : Brews and Bands”

The Party in the Mountains Slide Show! (Mountain Music Festival 2018) Part 1

Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd, the boys from Blue Ridge Report attended the 5th annual Mountain Music Festival at ACE Adventure Resort, in Minden, West Virginia. 

Below are some pictures captured by us this past weekend. Be sure to watch out for our full movie clip we are creating about our experiences at Mountain Music Festival 2018. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.













Music in the Mountains, Part 1: Rocking Out in Rural Retreat, Virginia


Hello gang, Its Fake News Nate here. Lately, however, I’ve been rather truthful. The name may have to change… especially if that Zuckerburg fellow doesn’t stop his war against me… So today I’ve decided to do something different. Since I have been slacking, I have ended up with several things to write about but haven’t finished a single one. I know, its terrible. That being said, there have been a lot of musical events lately in our wonderful area and I have been attending as many as I can. Some I’ve had to miss here and there, which makes me sad, but hey. I’m only ONE DUDE…get off my arse… As for the ones that I have been lucky enough to get to, I’ve decided to present to you some articles about them, all in a wonderfully compact,  multi-part manner. Let’s delve into my first of three shall we? Here is part one of the saga, Music in the Mountains… Rocking out in Rural Retreat. Continue reading “Music in the Mountains, Part 1: Rocking Out in Rural Retreat, Virginia”

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